About me

About me

Hello and welcome to Beautiful Wall Hangings, my name is Janelle and I am passionate about all things interiors, especially walls.

My Story

Through out my career i have studied and taught interior design so I assumed that a few years ago when I brought a home, renovating and turning it into a beautiful space would be a breeze.  It is a very old house that had been rented for over 15 years and turned out to be a major renovation job!

Like most renovation stories the money very quickly ran out and it was while pondering  “How to make this work” that I realised the  importance of interior walls and it became a bit obsessive.

Walls make a home, a good paint colour can quickly take a drab tired space and make it come alive, but its what comes after the paint that I found really inspiring. You see while my interiors now looked cleaner, fresher and a tad more updated my place was lacking the special “me character”. That’s when I went hunting for  wall hangings and my fascination began, its also where the struggle to find that perfect piece began.

What is Beautiful wall hangings all about.

I hunted high and low for the perfect pieces to create “my space” so now I am here to share with you some great finds from around the globe, I’m hoping to make your hunt a little easier, while sharing my own knowledge about interiors and what makes a home sing.

If you have any questions or queries just contact me below and I will try to help.


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