Contemporary Wall Hangings… ohh how times have changed !

Think back to your childhood what was on your walls ? Gee that thought scares me a little … a few paintings, mostly landscapes the odd clock  and a set of giant spoons in the kitchen, it was the end of the 70s after all, and that was about it. Fast forward to when I was a teenager and in came Macrame and Indian bedspreads thumb tacked to the walls, bohemian was all the rage.

Yes I know that Bohemian is a current trend and probably always will be  peace sign wall hangingthough it’s done in a more Stylistic way now. You could even say that some Contemporary Wall Hangings are Bohemian. Thank goodness that time has passed and our options have expanded a little.

Okay I have got a little of track what I am really here to talk about today are wall hangings that fit the modern home, those that hopefully will never date, wall hangings that are not themed or contrived.

Contemporary ?

As I said above Wall hangings that are not themed or contrived…. our homes are becoming simpler, more relaxed and less constricting and way less themed, finally they have become more about us and our individuality and our personal likes. Our homes have become the foundation for our own expression and this is where the importance of what we put on our walls can influence how comfortable, warm and inviting our home feels. Having a wonderful space to spend our time in, in many ways completes and elevates us as a person.

Finding what we like can be hard at first but go hunting armed with a few simple questions of yourself and it will become a lot easier in making sure your purchase stays contemporary and never dates.

Set the criteria

Here is the criteria I set for myself in all interior choices… I hope it works for you.

  • How does it make me feel? Alive, saddened, romantic, confused
  • Does it fit with how I see myself ?
  • Could I still love this in 5 years? or 10 or 20?
  • Go by your gut feeling, walk away, if it stays with you when you turn your back then go around again
  • Don’t look at the price!  Your looking for a décor piece that resonates with you, I am sure we have all had the experience of compromising on our choices only to regret it at a later date.  

Let’s talk practicality

OK so we are talking wall hangings here…. pieces to put on your walls. So what practicalities are there really!

  • size                                                                       big painting
  • size
  • size
  • size

Id really like to tell you exactly what size would suit a certain space here but instead my advice is, if in doubt go bigger, there really is nothing that can stop that small piece on a big wall from looking odd, uninspiring and drab regardless of how expensive it was.

The bigger the better if you want to make an impact just make sure it doesn’t hang into doorways and holds a central position on the wall.

Don’t be afraid or daunted about putting big pieces in small spaces (remember how we were all afraid of painting walls and even ceilings in dark colours, now it’s a huge trend and looks great ). Contrary to the outdated thinking that big things in small spaces make it look smaller, the opposite actually applies. Big wall hangings in small spaces help to ground and define a room.

Get Creative

Contemporary wall hangings are all about you, get creative with your thoughts on what you want to express in your home.

Is your space formal or relaxing, hey your space may even be a random collection and that’s OK too!  If it’s a formal space step out of that box and look at pieces that are in contrast to your setting, a formal setting with a wildly contrasting piece on the wall can give it warmth and really step the feel of your home up a notch.

The opposite applies if your space is zen, minimalist and monotone, a wall hanging which is a bold in one or two colours can be dynamic while keeping the minimalist approach that suits you

Food for thought

Or should I say – walls for thought. There really are an endless options out there to find. The most important thing is to start looking. One little hint I have found helpful is photographing your space from all angles on your phone, so while your sitting at your computer or out pounding the streets you have your space right there with you, if your walls are painted a colour other than white try to get a photo of it’s true colour so you can hold your phone screen next to it as well.

By buying what you love and staying away from a theme you will end up with a contemporary wall hanging that fits into the now, way into the future. Be brave in your choices, after the colour you paint your walls one of the most important additions to them are great decorations. There is a lot of focus on rugs for our floors but wall hangings are much more important because they are in our eyesight all the time.

Stay true to what is uniquely you and your half-way there, the other half is finding the perfect piece and I’m here to help you on that journey.

Happy Hunting

4 thoughts on “Contemporary Wall Hangings… ohh how times have changed !

  1. I laughed right out loud with your description of the wall art of the 70’s. Ha ha. I had a velvet painting of fruit on my wall, and let me tell you it was as hideous as it sounds. At the time, I thought it was the “coolest” thing on the planet. Ha Ha. I think it ended up in a free pile in one of my garage sales.

    I really do find now that what you put on your walls dictate the entire mood of the room. Furniture and rugs and curtains play their part, but aren’t our eyes always drawn pretty immediately to what is hanging on the wall?

    Great article. Thanks so much.


  2. How you decorate the walls in your home, tells a lot about you as a person. I found your articles interesting and informative. You show a lot of creativity and knowledge. I think your advice is very helpful.
    Looking forward to more of your ideas and suggestions.

    1. Hi Carolyn, yes indeed our homes tell a lot about us a person, creating our own space sure is a fun way to capture visually how we feel about ourselves.Like I say its all in the walls. Theres lots more handy hints and resources coming up so stay tuned. Cheers Janelle

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