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Whatever it is you put on your walls it should always and foremost be about you and your personality.

Our memories, our beliefs, certain images and written words all play a part in expressing our personality and a picture wall is a great way to depict and illustrate what it is we want to say to the world. They are a great way to group family photos they are also a fabulous way to draw daily attention to the things in life that inspire and motivate us the variety of images and objects that can be used make it an exciting and expressive way to create a beautiful wall in your home.

If, you are  are not confident in being able to achieve a balanced look for a picture wall there are formatted layouts available on the internet, but I do not think they are necessary if you follow the steps below. The best picture walls I have seen have grown organically from a collection of belongings and photos, but that takes time and patience, so for the not so patient I have a few tips to making your picture wall one that will make your home an interesting place to be in while enhancing the charm and character of your home.

Think about your theme

What is it you want to say, it maybe something simple like, we are family, or perhaps I am inspired by literature and the arts, it could even be I love nature or I want my house to feel calm. The list of what you wish to express is endless and it is your space so spending a little time thinking and feeling into this now will really help as you choose the pieces that go into your picture wall.

Perhaps you would just like to enhance the look of your space by continuing the theme of your decor be it a beach or a country look or its bohemian aesthetic. We all collect special memories in the form of cards, clippings photos or images, starting by looking at these collectibles may just give you an insight into a direction to take.

Choosing your Layout style

The layout Style of your picture wall is important and here I suggest you look at the style already in your home.

If, have a Symmetrical style where the order and placement of furnishing and decor is perfect and evenly balanced out then your picture wall will suit frames that are all the same and perfectly spaced and ordered, this layout looks wonderful if all the images used are of a similar colour or have some colour similarity. A symmetrical style layout will give you a very classical or modern look sleek look.

Symmetrical Wall placement







If the decor in your home is relaxed and perhaps a little eclectic with pieces of different sized furnishings then an Asymmetrical layout where different sizes frames are used and the layout is off centre will be your look. This look is a little more challenging to get right at first, but the payoff for your time is definitely worth it, this look is one where you do not necessarily have to be consistent with the type of frames you use and also gives the added advantage of adding   odd objects into your display like a small textural wall hanging, a wooden object or hand painted artwork.

Asymmetrical Wall placement

How to work out your layout

You have your theme, you know your style and you have collected your pieces now this really is the easiest part. Start by measuring the space you wish to fill and find a space on the floor or large table that you can mark out your space. Using a coloured tape define the space that will contain the flat lay of your picture wall.

Lay your largest objects towards the middle to start with if you are using an Asymmetrical style and move your objects around until you are happy with the layout and placement, try for an even balance of distance between objects and do not be overly concerned if you have to go outside your marked space a little.

Pay attention to where your largest frames or pieces are and try to lay them so all your biggest peices are spaced throughout your taped space, this will give a more balanced look. You will be surprised at how you will know when something just doesn’t seemed balanced just keep moving them around until they do.

If, you are wanting to achieve a Symmetrical layout, lay your objects out in the space making sure the distance is exact between your frames. These distances vary from the height and width, the important thing is that they are consistent.

A great hint here is to take a photo of your layout looking over it if possible as you will then begin to get a feel for how your layout will look on your wall. This is also a great reference for when you start hanging your wall if something gets mixed up in the next process.

How to hang your picture wall.

The easiest way I find is to cut out a piece of stiff cardboard the same size as each of your pieces and use this as a template then tape the template into your space on your wall measuring where they sat in your flat lay using painting masking tape ( that will come off easy afterwards and not remove your paintwork). You can then get a greater perspective of how your layout will feel and if necessary make changes.

To find out where the hooks or pins need to be drilled or stuck on the wall you can then hold the frame or object against the template and mark on your paper template where the hook will have to be placed for hanging. This mark will vary from frame to frame as the length of the hanging string may vary on the back of your frames, so mark each one individually even if you are using the same frame. You now have a mark on your template which can be drilled or pinned through to mark its hanging position on the wall.

Give yourself time.

Give yourself time to enjoy the process of choosing the art or object for your picture wall, you way wish to start organically with just one or two pieces of art and allow your wall to grow as you find new pieces that you love to add, or you may choose you artwork and images all at the same time. Either way you will end up with a unique and inspiring addition that will add character and soul to the space you live in.

Happy creating.







5 thoughts on “Create a Picture wall

  1. Hi Janelle,

    This is a great idea and excellent tips on how to create a picture wall. I agree a picture wall is a great way to express your personality and your tips really help in doing it properly. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Blanks, picture walls really are very easy, and they are a great way to personalise your space, Id love to see your completed picture wall when you do one, you call always post it to my face book page. Happy story telling. Cheers Janelle

  2. Such a lovely post, I am all about home design and decoration, it is the small details that create the difference. I would recommend Asymmetrical to my clients but personally I don’t think I can live in anything that wasn’t Symmetrical 😀
    It’s a matter of how you find your balance I think. Thank you for the tip on hanging them, would save alot of trial and error 🙂

  3. Hi,

    Choosing a theme that match your personality will make a big impact to your wall. When talking about theme, I usually buy photo frames follows the theme I already set and as you said, its work!

    Your suggestion on using cardboard and tape are really useful and its a great ideas. I should try this later when decorating my wall with picture walls

    1. Hello Azaliha,yes using cardboard to mark out your picture wall is a great efficient little trick, I would love to see your picture wall, you can always share a photo on my face book page. Have fun with your walls. Cheers Janelle

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