Create your Style – 12 different interior styles for you to discover. Part 1

Knowing what your style is goes a very long way to clarifying what inspires you and what to look for when making your own home sing your very own song. While I keep pointing out the importance of making your style uniquely yours and not becoming ‘themed” it is equally important that you can name your style / styles ( yes, we may have many) , doing this will ease the confusion and streamline the decision-making process

The list of Interior styles is endless, below i have chosen just 12 styles, and made suggestions on what sort of Wall hangings, wall art or objects  will help to make your  home sing.


Our easy, relaxed way of living has brought the Nordic aesthetic knocking on our doors in recent years and its easy to understand its popularity with its light clear vibe, use of natural materials and simple easy lines. Scandinavian walls are white or very light, floors are light wood with very little wall-to-wall carpet instead incorporating natural fibres in floor rugs. Window furnishings are light to allow maximization of light.

Wall decor here is mostly fine in detail, fine weaving, simple abstract designs and if framed is in light wood or lighter coloured metals. If patterns or graphics are present they too are fine in detail.

botanical print


Modern is by definition, of today, as we become busier we put more emphasis on relaxing, simplicity in modern interiors have come about in response to this. Clean crisp lines with defined simple colours give more space to just be. Common to the modern interiors are features walls often in dark colours, streamlined furnishings and statement rugs in strong graphic prints or darker carpets.

Modern wall decor is both strong in graphics and colour. It can either compliment or be in contrast to the interiors and is there for strong visual impact.

modern interiors


Earthy and raw, Industrial interiors no longer belong up dark alley ways and industrial sheds but have been styled into our homes with the use of exposed metal structural elements, stainless steel, natural wooded or concrete floors, dark or wooden window frames and doors, and fixtures made of steel.

The use of wall hangings here can really have impact, choose softer textured pieces to give warmth and contrast to the cooler elements of Industrial interiors. When choosing wall art the options really are endless abstract designs will sit perfectly well, while a landscape piece of art or culturally inspired piece will work just as well.

Mid century modern.

Mid century modern is an aesthetic originating in the late 50s and prevalent up unto the late 60s, it was artistically driven by the Bauhaus movement in response to a new freedom in lifestyle after the war. Mid century modern furniture shows true workmanship with interiors influenced by large abstract pattern and strong defined graphic objects. Cabinetry is often built in and wooden elements have a warmth and refinement to them.

Decorative brass or bronze plaques can really make this style pop while wall hangings with an abstract textural design or wall art of a highly graphic design or a bold abstract painting can play its part well too!

mid century modern

Coastal/ Hamptons

One of the easier decors to find special pieces for, the Coastal Hamptons style makes you feel like your on a luxury seaside vacation every day. Its light, bright and breezy aesthetic is created by lightly coloured gray, sands, ivory and white with furnishings quite often in cane,rattan or of finer metal. Walls are light, mostly white or very light colours and the emphasis is on adding colour, print and texture through soft furnishings.

The Coastal / Hamptons style is a great place to play with an eclectic mix of smaller wall items grouped together to create interest, a sense of belonging and history. The possibility of collaborating smaller wall hangings with objects of art in an eclectic statement really is worth having a play with for its impact. If,a more streamlined look is more to your liking consider unframed canvas’s in lightly coloured prints.

hamptons lounge


By traditional here I am talking about …. lets think about a french or English castle but on a much, much smaller scale. The traditional type of interior style is refined, warm and comforting with lots of layered textile textures often with small prints and graphics, furniture is refined and well finished with gleaming surfaces which portray a sense of history. Traditional style is built around comfort, family and is inviting giving a sense of safety.

traditional style

A traditional interior is a great place for woven tapestries or large botanical wall hangings in muted tones. It is the perfect style for landscape or portrait artwork, it is also suited to eclectic wall collections and really is a great style to get creative with old photos, frames and mirrors.


As you possibly have already discovered your unique style may be a mixture of 2 or more of the styles listed above. Your style may be Traditional/ Industrial or perhaps like me Coastal / modern, it really is quite ok to not have a truly defined style and really quite common given the abundance of influences we have in our modern life…. isn’t is great to have such an abundance of options to choose from ? Join me next post to discover the remaining 6 styles, I wonder if you’ll find a little of your style in those as well !

Happy Styling


10 thoughts on “Create your Style – 12 different interior styles for you to discover. Part 1

  1. I thought I knew about styling since I’m used to moving a lot, but having read your post makes me reconsider all my knowledge.
    I’m under expections for the next post. Please keep me posted.
    Thank you for sharing.
    All the best,

    1. Hi Alex, Im happy you enjoyed this post, I used to move a lot as well I think that’s why I’ve learnt the importance of choosing items for your walls that you love and are an expression of you, they will make you feel at home in every home. Cheers Janelle

  2. Hey Janelle! I loved your post from top to bottom and I loved to do so, and there are a lot of reasons into that – the beautiful suggestions I saw in there top the long list. However, I would say that I would want to stick with Scandinavian style, even though all others definitely are not a taboo. However, which of the styles on the interior design do you think is more affordable?


    1. Hi Heku, Scandinavian styles really have a beautiful relaxing feel don’t they? You can accomplish any style regardless of your budget by knowing the elements within a style to go hunting for. I have more about “go hunting” coming soon so check back regularly. Cheers Janelle

  3. I didn’t realize there are so many defined types of interior design styles! I do like the ones you’ve shown here, especially industrial, although it does not match my current home at all. I’ll stay tuned for the roll out of the other styles!

    1. Hey there Christen, so glad you found your style. Industrial is an easy one to achieve have a play as Iam sure you can fit a little bit into your existing interiors in small ways. Happy Styling. Cheers Janelle

  4. Hi Janelle, thanks so much for explaining the different interior styles. I never put so much thought in interiors. However, I am soon moving and this was really helpful to define my preferred styles. I will decorate my new home with a mix of modern, industrial and coastal 🙂

    1. Hi Nathalie, modern, industrial and coastal what a wonderful mix and a very easy one to achieve now you know what you like. If you need help along the way just drop me a line. I have some great where to find articles coming up so check back in regularly. Happy Styling. Cheers Janelle

  5. This article is very interesting , I like the styles, being relaxed in a well designed interior gives one piece of mind. It makes one to love the house and enjoy every moment being home.

    1. Hi Violet, I love coming back to my home, our homes should always be a place where we feel settled and centered. I have some great hints come up in future article so check back regularly. Happy creating. Cheers Janelle

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