Create your style – 12 different interior styles for you to discover Part 2

There really are so many styles of interiors, knowing what style you are is the very first step to pulling your home together, making it express who you are and getting it to sing your song. When you enter your home you want to feel that you have come home to YOUR home, being clear on your style will help you to build an environment that you want to come home to everyday.

Part 2 of create your style discusses 6 more interiors and how you can choose the right type of Wall hanging, art and wall decor to enhance the feeling of each style. If you missed Part 1 read it now here.

Bohemian or Boho

A mixture of colour, texture and pattern incorporating a mixture of cultures and times. Boho expresses freedom and unconventional living with artistic bents and the romance of a nomadic existence. While reminiscent of the 60s wild child the modern version incorporates low furniture, natural fibers of rustic wood, linen ethnic rugs and artifacts from around the globe. Plants and nature are prevalent along with strong middle eastern influences.

There is no longer a need for tye dye and Indian prints to capture the Bohemian essence. ( Unless of course that’s your thing, then go for it. ) The abundance of macrame options makes it easy to accomplish this mood but there are many other choices as well, The eclectic aesthetic of Boho interiors lends itself to small artistic collections placed together on the one wall as do interesting pieces of artwork and mirrors as well heavily embroidered wall tapestries



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Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam interiors scream look at me, they sparkle with shinny fixtures and fine refined furniture often in velvet or leather. Think glass chandeliers, strong geometrical patterns and lush floor coverings and you’re beginning to get the picture. Walls are quite often dark to enhance the drama of this style. Gold, black and silver metals play a strong factor in giving the overall aesthetic of this look a lush and very expensive appearance.

Hollywood Glam really lends itself to Strong bold artwork framed, of course in Gold… if that’s a little over the top then wall paper in strong geometrical patterns or in wall hangings can work very well as do artistic metal wall decals in metal finishes, One important factor here is bigger is better. Play up the drama.

hollywood glam


There are many styles of country interiors French, rustic or mid western and even shabby chic but the common theme through them all is wooden fixtures and furnishings, while in a french country look the furniture may be more polished and refined, a rustic look will be less refined and perhaps have a more used look. Soft furnishing for any type of country look are plush and plumb with big full sofas and arm chairs creating a warmth and inviting lace to be. Patterns in country interiors are often small in graphic detail.

With so much of the country style being based around wood and raw materials this aesthetic lends itself to the contrasting impact of finely woven tapestries and artworks of fine details or with an antique feel, old photos framed, sepia maps or interesting objects that relay history will give impact as well.


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Eclectic interiors are fun for some and often overwhelming for others, they can be a space filled with objects you love and unique finds that are a true expression of you. The book here is wide open when it comes to design, but it is a place where a few rules can go a long way to creating a space that is interesting, and still a relaxing and inviting place to be rather then an environment you never feel quite at peace in. Rule #1 choose just one colour for your walls Rule #2 choose a colour scheme of 2 or 3 colours and build your eclectic collection of soft furnishings around those colours. Rule #3 get great statement pieces, a dominating lounge, table, chairs or sideboard will help to ground your space. Rule # 4 Go as crazy as you dare!

Eclectic interiors are great fun, the options here are endless. Go hunting with an open mind, larger pieces of wall art are a way to define the specific areas of your home while smaller pieces,mirrors, small wall hangings, old photos, artwork and eclectic retro wall decor will work great grouped together.

eclectic frames

Culturally Specified

Culturally specific interiors are defined by the culture of a certain country, Asian, Moroccan, Spanish/ Mexican, Japanese or Balinese to name just a few and can come together beautifully if you pay homage to the heritage and stories of the country you are trying to portray. Just a few items from a certain country can set the mood of these styles, and unless you have a total obsession and feel the need to go authentically from floor to ceiling a few well selected pieces can really have an impact and tell your own cultural story.

A beautiful wall hanging depicting the artistic subtle flair of Japanese art can set the mood in a Japanese style as will pared back prints of cacti create the mood in a Mexican or Moroccan home. My suggestion here is to choose something that depicts your cultural aesthetically subtly to avoid the style becoming too contrived.

mexican interiirs

Art Deco

Art Deco is a distinctive style that was popular in the 1920s and 30s. It’s distinguished by geometric shapes and opulent finishes that ooze luxury. Gold is prominent with faceted finishing in decor, lead light windows, molded ceilings, picture rails and highly polished woods along with mirrored surfaces playing a strong part in its aesthetic. Black & white colour palettes enhance its sense of drama. Symmetry in object and furniture placement enhances the look.

Art Deco is such a fun stylized look and your options here for wall decoration are really quite varied, mirrors and strong geometric wall paper or prints play strongly in this look as do simple abstract art of a linear nature, while painting or poster prints from this era can refine the finished look.

art deco interiors

I hope by now you’ve discovered what style or mixture of styles sing a song for you. Throughout all styles I see a little of myself but there are definitely ones that stand out from the crowd. . Are you a mixture of country and modern, perhaps your of an eclectic nature and are strongly drawn towards a Japanese aesthetic as well. There are no right and wrongs when it comes to interiors and never let the stress of getting it perfect take away from the pleasurable experience of create a style that is true to your personality.

Leave me a comment below, I would love to hear what you discovered about your style.

Go forth and create a magical home uniquely yours









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