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If there is one thing that constantly confronts people when it comes to interior design it is using large pieces of decor, especially on walls. Large pieces add visual weight to a room, they create a focal point for the eye to be drawn to, and commanding attention adding impact. A large textural wall hanging creates a cosy intimacy, filling a room with a feeling of warmth.

If you are still haunted by the belief that large pieces close in a room don’t be, the textural aspect of macrame will still retain a light spacious feeling while retaining an open feel and giving it a little drama. No longer the domain of the 70″s Macrame has come of age with a sleeker streamlined persona and its uses are endless in many styles of homes so I thought it was high time I reviewed what options are available and I was incredibly surprised at what I found and within a reasonable price range.

The Flber Macrame Curtain

This beautiful piece is advertised as a Curtain and with a size of 50”x 75” it would look gorgeous in a doorway that doesn’t get constant use or where a barrier such as room divider is needed, although I doubt it would be of practical use if the doorway was in constant use unless it was a double doorway allowing space to walk through without disturbing it constantly.

When I first saw this my mind went crazy with its prospects as a wall piece, especially in a home with higher than the average 8ft ceiling or in stair well. While it only comes with tabs for securing it would be quite simple to add a rigid dowel to the top to give it a more structured look, its simplistic weave lends itself to fitting perfectly in a Scandinavian, Modern or Zen inspired interior but don’t disregard its used to soften a Country or Traditional home either.

At the very reasonable price of $63.90 at Amazon its generous size is a great bargain.

Riseon Long Handmade Wall Hanging

If its drama you are after then it has arrived, at a luxurious 59” x 78” its sure to grab the focus in your home and has a multitude of uses. While this style of wall hanging has become popular for photo shoots and weddings it also has a place inside your home especially on an expansive vacant wall, as a window dressing or as a statement backdrop piece behind a side board. The Riseon’s open center could work in a door way although I remain unconvinced that the nature of macrame pieces really offer much longevity when it comes to high traffic areas.

Offering an ornate weave and well balance pattern it shows the skill of its weaver, at 9 pounds it is reasonably weighty and doesn’t come with a top bar but that is an easy fix and would give it a sturdier and stronger fall. Like many of these large pieces with their long flowing ends there is room to trim it into a shorter version so don’t be overly concerned about the length of any wall hanging where the weaving doesn’t progress to the bottom.

At $119 on Amazon its luxurious dimensions are in good comparison to the price.


Feather Forms the Forest Black Wall Hanging

A departure from the raw and pure standard cream that is synonymous with macrame this mood enhancing pair of elongated wall hangings will give a refined and modern twist to the walls of any home. Sold in a pair here, but also available singularly its interpretive arrow weave will give an uncomplicated look in a room, it could become a highlight in a room with darker accessory accents and live harmoniously in an Industrial style, as it would in a Bohemian or country setting. A modern sleek interior or the ever popular Scandinavian look would also gain a dramatic ambiance from this duos presence.

Unfortunately there are no measurements’ given, but the scale of these beauties is evident from the image. They came with dowel in the top so hanging would be uncomplicated. Dramatic as a pair side by side, or positioned in an area that you walk towards such as the end of a hallway or in an entrance way you also have the option of splitting them into different areas of the home, a clever trick to create continuity and add a cohesive look to a decor.

If you like a decor with an edgy, street wise energy you can find the answer at Amazon for a very realistic $208

XL Modern Wall hanging

Another option in the Large Macrame wall hanging category is this gorgeous piece at a measurement of 53” x 56”, its strong geometrical design make it a versatile design to use in a space where a refined and sleek look is called for. Geometrical patterns create a strong focus in a room and this version will have great focal impact.

Suitable for a bedroom either on the wall or over the bed it will create a luxe feel, in a living space its large dimensions will add a warmth to the room without the use of colour. Placed on a darker wall the strong geometrical pattern would create a dynamic feature in a modern interior while it would blend nicely in a monochrome setting.

This is an artistic piece is available on Amazon for $195

So what did you choose ?

Macrame is an extremely versatile medium with its natural and organic appeal it is no surprise that its popularity is on the rise again. The pieces I have reviewed here I chose after trawling through a vast amount of options and I kept coming back to these 4 for their capability to cover a multitude of home styles, uses and value for money. There are some cheaper versions yes, but you will find they are made with finer materials which can be very fly away in larger wall hangings, for larger wall hangings to work they need weight and that can only be accomplished by using the right weight to size ratio.

I am wondering which one you would choose and why?, I definitely have my favourite. leave me a message below and let me know which one is your favourite and fits with your style.








2 thoughts on “Product Review – Large Wall Hangings

  1. Macrame is a word I havent heard in it feels like a million years.  I got intrigued with this article when I first saw the pics because I know my wife is in search of something really cool to hang over our bed.

    Im almost scared to show her this article because I know she is going to fall in love.  Right now we have a couple cool pics that are pretending to be a head board but she figures its time to change those.

    Thank you for taking the time to share with us.


  2. The word Macrame brings back memories doesn’t it ? There are a lot of options these days ,I have 2 great posts here on understanding what style suits your unique personality which maybe a help.

    Thanks for your comment Dale, if your Wife needs help with options I am happy to help.
    Cheers Janelle

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