Wall Decorating ideas- for your living room

Living rooms are just that, the space we live in. They are the place we relax share time with our family and friends and they are the focal point of our environment, the area within our home that all other rooms branch outward from. Where the kitchen is the place of energy, the living room is the place of being. While our family and friends create the moments of our lives the environment that we meet and gather forms part of this mood and memory so creating beautiful walls in this space is paramount in enhancing how we see ourselves.

Being bold, thinking about texture and playing with colour and form in this space is incredibly fun and inventive, so with that in mind lets explore some unique wall decorating ideas’ for your living room.

Be bold and size it upbold interior wall art

Being bold doesn’t necessarily lead to being loud, garish or showy, being bold is about being distinct and confident in your choices. It’s about being distinctively obvious yet this can be subtle as well. Confusing, right ? Bold usually means large-as shown here in the black and white wall art  yet in this setting, while it looks grand it doesn’t dominate the setting because it has other strong pieces that compliment it, its bold but not over bearing.


Does your room have large or bulky furnishings?, then you can definitely go with a big bold piece of wall art or a large wall hanging. If your room is smaller you can still go big and large, by choosing a piece that blends more with your other furnishings as in the photo below. If your have read my very first post here, you will know I’am big on size for impact no matter what size room your are working, if in doubt always go bigger.


Think about texture

All great rooms are layered, its how we go about that layering that makes your room sing. A tired bland room with mostly flat surfaces will come alive with the added addition of texture on your walls. For a long time cushions have been a go to for a quick way to add life and change up a room, but I’m here to give a huge big plug for your walls and stop them from falling into oblivion. Texture on your walls will make them come alive, balancing out flat surfaces and creating that homely comforting feeling we all deserve to come home to.

Adding texture doesn’t necessarily mean textile, fabric or cloth. Texture can be created by adding metals, cane or wood, texture is anything without a flat smooth surface.                                                                                          metal wall hanging

half textured wall hanging

Play with Colour

Have your ever walked into a room and felt its vibrancy even though it wasn’t overwhelmingly colourful? Clever people just know how to make colour work and your can too by making calculated decisions based on colour. Have your ever loved a colour but thought it wouldn’t work in your existing room, well think again it just might.

Contrasting colours are those that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel Red and green, yellow and purple, blue and orange. Do your have light pastel green walls consider adding a touch of lighter tones of red into the wall decor your choose, if your have lighter Grey walls (blue) then consider lighter tones of orange to make your walls sing. When you look at the chart below your may even discover your have been following these principles instinctively already.
colour wheelcontrasting colours

Shape and contrast

Wall hangings and wall art don’t necessary have to follow the rule of the formatted square or rectangle….we’ve gone way past the confines of traditional decor in our wonderfully experimental modern world. If your choices in furniture are mostly square, sleek and slim lined, as most modern furniture choices are then adding contrasting shapes and free flowing forms can enhance the harmony in a space, like wise if your furniture is bulk or patterned then finer details on your walls can give the room a feeling of space by creating just that… the illusion of space.

basket wall decor


Step out of the box and think triangular, circle or elongated shapes, by considering the shape of what already exists in a room in the way of furniture rugs etc and choosing a contrasting shape for your walls then your will start to see your room taking on a whole new dimension.

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Living rooms can set the mood for the whole of your home, they are your mood board, the centre piece, they convey the spirit of a home along with a place your rest your feet of an evening, laugh with your family and gather with friends. A little thought and consideration here can have lasting effects on how we interact and spend our precious time while we are at home.

My living room is the most used space in my home and I suspect your is as well.

Happy Living





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