Wall hangings- what are my options ?

Options can be confusing, they can be scary, options can cause our motivation to plummet, creating an inability to act and then we can go into a downward spiral and our tasks get put on the back burner.  I think that could be called procrastination !

There will always be too many options and those devilish little options cause great confusion when deciding how and with what you’d like to surround yourself with in your home.

You may already have something in mind or perhaps you are at a blank on which direction to take, either way a bit of clarity can always help.  Defining  our needs, wants and desires is a good way to get that clarity and is a great start to creating a vision in our heads of what it is we are actually looking for.

The following is a very quick and helpful exercise which helps you to clarify your options, so grab yourself a cuppa and by the time its finished you will have some answers and a lot more clarity when purchasing wall hangings or wall art for your home. It works for all decisions related to decor purchases so keep it handy and ask the questions often.

Needs- how do I want my room to feel ?

What sort of mood you are trying to create? Calm, relaxing, stimulating, neutral, comforting, imposing, seductive, confident, organic, playful or creative? The list really is endless. Sit in your room and focus on what you want to feel, try to stay away from words that are themed and focus on feelings only at this stage, now add that as the first word to your list.

You may have more than one room that you’d like to buy the perfect wall hanging or wall art for so this word may change from room to room just repeat the process for each room.

Wants- what look do you want to portray ?

Many of you will already home a home filled with items, look around at what wall hangingsyou have in the way of furniture and collected items and you will soon discover that your story has already started to be written. Choose only 3 or 4 of the items you absolutely love and find a common thread.

You may already have a collection of pieces, rugs, furniture, decor, items etc that have a strong common thread. Items that you have built up over time or perhaps you are living with hand-me-downs or gifted items but somewhere in there is sure to be something that is loved and cherished.

Now you have chosen your “never to part with items” what is the common thread ? Pieced together what would you classify their theme as? Perhaps they are old world, elegant, they have a coastal theme or they portray a country theme, they may be modern or industrial or perhaps they are eclectic and varied. They may even be a mixture, modern / industrial, contemporary / country, eclectic/country etc

You are now beginning to get an idea of the style you would like to portray in your home. This time around focus on a themed word based on those items only, how would you describe the look of your home to a complete stranger ? That’s your word. !


Desires- what would I like my home to say about me in 5 years time

We all have developing tastes, trends change and we are constantly being influenced by the strong visual world in which we live. We don’t know what is ahead in the future, we may move houses, cities, countries even. As we gather more experience and learn to trust the visual traits that are uniquely ours,our purchases begin to portray what we think about ourselves.

Picture yourself in 5 years time, a stranger walks into your home for the first time. What do they see ? What do you want them to see about you. ? What do you want your interior environment to say about you. Perhaps you’d like your home to say you’re artistically inclined or that you are contemplative, perhaps you’d like your home to say I am a person who is a beachcomber and loves nature or that you’re accomplished and professional, or perhaps you’d like to say you’re an open-minded modern thinker or even that you have an abstract vision of life and are eclectic.

Think seriously about this one and choose one very short sentence that describes who you are in 5 years.


You are now armed and dangerous !

You now have some clear precise descriptive words to go hunting with, no shop assistant, stunning magazine photo shoot or Instagram photo can change those words they are yours. I know you just come here looking for a beautiful wall hanging but I want you to find the piece that resonates with you and that won’t disappoint. So use those words often to reference what you are about to purchase and they will have meaning and fit into your home perfectly.

Now you’re armed with the knowledge of what you want a little more clarity and some magic words on which to base your decisions.  In my next post I am going to run through styles and some wonderfully creative ways to make your home sing its very own song.



Here are the words i came up with. These are the words I’ve used to help with all my decisions when looking of the perfect wall hangings for my home.

Needs- how do I want my room to feel – inspiring

Want – what look do I want my room to portray – modern/ coastal

Desires- what would I like my room to say about me in 5 years – that I am artistic, a little eclectic and have a connection to nature.




2 thoughts on “Wall hangings- what are my options ?

  1. What great information!! When I look to buy anything for my house, I definitely don’t think about this. How do I want the room to feel? What do I want to portray? Usually, I just think to myself “Oh, thats nice, I like that, I’ll buy it”. Thank you for making me look at decorating a different way!!

    1. Hi Juvette
      yes we do so many things unconsciously especially when it comes to buying items for our home, thats usually why we quickly look to up upgrade and change as new trends come along,, a conscious choice now will give us long lasting pleasure and makes our homes truly belong to us. Im so happy you now have a new way to approach how you buy. Cheers Janelle

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