Where to buy Wall hangings – Artist profile Lauren Williams

Searching for a wall hanging to complete your home can be quite a challenge. There are some absolutely amazing Independent artists using their talent to create individual, inspiring and incredible wall art that I would like to share.

In this first Artist Profile I would like to introduce you to someone I have been watching for a while who has a unique and experimental way of going about her craft.

Meet Lauren Williams from

Describing her work as ” Movement Canvases” Lauren has an astute sensibility for her work, and a definite connection to natural forms, texture and simplistic lines that fit so perfectly into a broad range of interior spaces. Shape plays a large factor in her creations and her offerings include large scale panelled pieces and gorgeous circular  wall hangings that really could be blowing in the breeze.

Hailing from Austin Texas, I was quite captivated when I came across Lauren’s work as her aesthetic was so similar to my own living half the world away in Australia. Her connection to colour really resonated with the colours of the natural environment that I live in and I am sure her use of colour will resonate with anyone who is looking to bring natural elements into their home interiors.

Made using pure wool and dying, sometimes many times over to abstractly interpret natural vistas and beautifully finishing them with wooden rails for hanging Lauren’s pieces have a natural easy refinement to them that will enhance the style factor in your  home.

With Lauren’s natural aesthetic it’s no surprise she has paid great attention to the materials she uses in her work joining with local farmers to produce high quality yarn so her materials not only stay strong and fluid in her creations but that are able to withstand the environmental factors that effect textiles over time.

How will Lauren’s work fit into your dream Home ?

I have written before about the ease of finding the right wall hanging for your  home once you have of discovered your original style, so if your unsure about how to name the styles you love read here and here .

While Lauren promotes her styling as a Bohemian mix, these pieces will fit equally well in a country theme or the sleekness and laid back ease of a scandinavian decor. The right piece can even fit into a Culturally specific decor with their zen elements sitting naturally in Asian decor, and there raw organic feel complementing Mexican or Spanish inspired spaces as well. They would work beautifully on a picture wall in an Eclectic decor and even in modern interiors, especially the large more dramatic pieces in her collections.

The gorgeous soft flowing texture of these wall hangings will add softness to any room that is in need of a little warmth giving a flat space a more layered and refined look.

Texture adds dimension to interiors so if your  looking for a way to lift your  space then Lauren’s textile art  is definitely work exploring, combined with the luxe addition of her velvet trimmed cushions and range of soft furnishing this may very well be the one stop shop that will give you just what you had envisioned for your dream space.

These stunning free-form Wall hangings are in high demand so when visiting her website be sure to become an insider by leaving your details to get the first glimpse of her new works as they are created.













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